Sunday, 23 April 2017

Last chance for silverware this season starts this afternoon.

Sorry for the delay in getting a pre-match Wembley blog-posting out – I had no chance on Friday and then-following ‘an evening’ with friends that very night, which went on until around 2:00am; I had a full-on hangover yesterday. Ufffff… 


Brief one / straight to it then.


v Arsenal


Fluid 4-5-1:


_____________Silva__________De Bruyne__________




Surely Pep has heard about the ‘Wembley Willy’ story?

In front of (hopefully) him, Gael & Jesus at left & right-back; Vinny & Nicholas in between those.

A mostly attacking midfield 5; open pitch on our national stadium that Yaya seems to enjoy playing on. Along with him is a deadly quartet of Leroy, David, Kevin & Raheem.

All supporting / supplying Sergio.

The slightly improving of late ‘other fella’ as back-up to Willy; Aleks & Pablo the defensive replacement options. Fabian, Fernandinho & Aleix on the side for when we need to add midfield energy and possibly security if we’re ahead and feel the need to ‘sure up’ but on the opposite side of that coin; we might see Gabriel join Kelechi as attacking replacement change-possibilities!

Notable absences: Bacary Sagna (injured), John Stones (injured), Fernando (not selected), Ilkay Gundogan (injured for rest of season) & Nolito (not selected).

Do I agree with Pep’s (predicted) line-up?

With a combined age of 90 between those 3 central midfielders (treating Yaya as 34 who is just a few weeks away from his birthday don't forget!) it could be 'energy sapping' for the Ivorian & Spaniard in particular; even though David lets the ball do the work and taking into consideration that Pep has improved fitness & energy levels a lot since his arrival last summer. Often-red-cheeked Kevin should be okay but I’d hope to see Leroy, Raheem and even Jesus help out there a little when required.

I’m fine with that line-up though and hope to see Gabriel get a go if / when needed or appropriate if he’s deemed okay to get 'a little run out'.

Result? Who can possibly predict a one-off game at Wembley when-facing similar opposition in terms of a team packed with similar quality?

This is going to be more about ‘gut feeling’ than looking at league form too closely and although the Arsenal camp did appear to have picked themselves up from the floor of low-moral following Wenger speculation and a series of result that has seen them slip to 7; there was something quite false & forced about their post-match celebrations against doomed Middlesbrough last time out.

As for us? 2 back-to-back wins; a very professional job done at Southampton, ‘our skip’ is back, possibly our Brazilian Winter signing too and there was something in Pep’s croaky voice in his pre-match press conference that said to me he’d been drilling his players EXTRA hard for this game!

Gut feeling? A City win…and hopefully one in ‘the 90’ too.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Premier League run-in predictions – the ‘top 7’

Before the F.A. Cup weekend break for ourselves, Arsenal, Chelsea & Tottenham Hotspur, I just wanted to ‘fire off’ a prediction of results and how I think that’ll leave the final Premier League table looking on Sunday 21st May 2017. 


A bit of fun…but I’ve also tried to be realistic and as accurate as I can through my experiences of watching footy over the years and, so, it might also give us some insight into how the 2016/17 season will finish.

In order of how they sit in the table now…


v Tottenham Hotspur (H) – Draw
v Southampton (H) – Win
v Everton (A) – Draw
v Middlesbrough (H) – Win
v Watford (H) – Win
v Sunderland (H) – Win

Tottenham Hotspur:

v Chelsea (A) – Draw
v Crystal Palace (A) – Draw
v Arsenal (H) – Win
v West Ham United (A) – Draw
v Manyoo (H) – Draw
v Leicester City (A) – Draw
v Hull City (A) – Win


v Crystal Palace (H) – Win
v Watford (A) – Lose
v Southampton (H) – Win
v West Ham United (A) – Draw
v Middlesbrough (H) – Win

Manchester City:

v Manyoo (H) – Draw
v Middlesbrough (A) – Win
v Crystal Palace (H) – Win
v Leicester City (H) – Draw
v West Bromwich Albion (H) – Win
v Watford (A) – Win


v Burnley (A) – Draw
v Manchester City (A) – Draw
v Swansea City (H) – Win
v Arsenal (A) – Draw
v Tottenham Hotspur (H) – Draw
v Southampton (A) – Win
v Crystal Palace (H) – Win


v Leicester City (H) – Draw
v Tottenham Hotspur (A) – Lose
v Manyoo (H) – Draw
v Southampton (A) – Win
v Stoke City (A) – Draw
v Sunderland (H) – Win
v Everton (H) - Draw


v West Ham United (A) – Draw
v Chelsea (H) – Draw
v Swansea City (A) – Win
v Watford (H) – Win
v Arsenal (A) – Draw

And the final table?

1st Chelsea 92pts
2nd Tottenham Hotspur 82pts
3rd Manchester City 78pts
4th Liverpool 76pts
5th Manyoo 73pts
6th Arsenal 67pts
7th Everton 66pts

Of course, as injuries & suspensions have an effect on ALL teams and, therefore, prediction outcome; I reserve the right to change my Manchester City pre-match predictions, at least, for blog-postings purposes on a game-by-game basis.

But, as it stands, that’s how I see it going for the moment and as far as we’re concerned, I’d certainly take that right now.