Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Tevez is Tev-ex and Isco is a no-go.

So it’s “goodbye from Manchester” to Carlos Tevez. I don’t think I’ll be alone in being slightly disappointed and if I’m ever asked why that is so, it’s because I believed that under Pellegrini we would have seen a refreshed & revitalised Carlos.

There’s NEVER a doubt about his 100% commitment on the field of play of course but, similar to Aguero last season, he just lost his edge in front of goal a little bit. That, for me, was temporary and would have been rectified under our new Manager this season.

After a medical with Juventus some time this week, an initial £10M will exchange bank accounts with, apparently, a series of £2.5M ‘add ons’ depending on how the Italian Champions progress in the Champions League and Serie A over the next 3 seasons.

Sounds like a good deal for us to be fair.

I can understand City wanting to cash in on the barrel-chested, all action Argentine while he’s still in the last year of his contract. I’m sure too that City officials have done their long-term projections much better than I can.

But for me, sticking with our 3 first team strikers - plus John Guidetti - would not only have been enough to take us into this season but would have also saved us considerable cash in not having to strengthening that area – presumably we’re now going to step up our pursuit of Edison Cavani again…and will probably pay the Uruguayan a little more than Carlos was on.

The pace will pick up now

So with us now having to replace Tevez and with Isco all but signed for Real Madrid - presuming Pellegrini still thinks that we need someone to slot into his scuppered plans to acquire the Spanish Under 21 international – I think it’s fair to say that the incoming transfer activity will pick up some serious pace now.

Pellegrini’s ‘things to do’ list (in approximate order of priority)

  1. Replacement for Tevez needed
  2. If we go for Cavani and Dzeko goes to Napoli as part of that deal…then a replacement for Dzeko is needed also
  3. After the disappointment of Isco, go for another creative midfielder – someone perhaps of the ilk and quality of Angel Di Maria or Marco Reus
  4. Sign an additional central defender; possibly two if Lescott is to leave
  5. Sign quality cover/competition for Clichy at left back
  6. Costel Pantilimon set to leave? Then get another goalkeeper.
Also to do…

  1. Consider the futures of the following players:

-          Costel Pantilimon
-          Aleksandar Kolarov
-          Micah Richards
-          Joleon Lescott
-          Javi Garcia
-          Scott Sinclair
-          Gareth Barry
-          James Milner
-          Jack Rodwell
-          Abdisalam Ibrahim
-          John Guidetti
-          Edin Dzeko
-          Alex Nimely
-          Luca Scapuzzi and…
-          …a whole host of other fringe / youth players
  1. Check out the best seafood restaurants in Manchester
  2. Find the best route to the coast and the best beaches to walk on (good luck with that one Manuel)
  3. Record some announcements for the Metrolink tram

Finally, another ‘leaked’ kit...

Similar to one that has done the rounds before, this little black number is back in circulation on the WEB again.

Doing the rounds...

Previously circulated: Two-tone black

If it’s the 3rd choice kit, then fine…I suppose. But for me all black or all navy blue kits are lazy ones brought out by kit designers & football clubs and, more importantly, has nothing to do with Manchester Cityunless they’re trying to make a link with our St.Mark’s days?

If so, fine…but why not REALLY go for it and bring out a shirt similar to Parma’s?


Aside from the St. Mark’s link, which would be a good thing in my opinion; call me a traditionalist – but not a boring one – it should be maroon or red ‘n’ black as a second strip and a variation of a white kit as a 3rd choice kit; perhaps with flashes of either sky blue, maroon, black or red & black.
With the re-branding/re-launch of City's stores due to be unveiled very soon, I'm sure it won't be long before we find out which 'leaked' shirts were correct and which were phony.

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