Thursday, 6 June 2013

WAIT for it...

After decades of having to wait for trophies to arrive in our cabinets, no-one could accuse seasoned Manchester City supporters of being impatient. So a few weeks is NOTHING in comparison.

Jesus Navas, we are told, may not 'put pen to paper' for another week...or even two. Despite agreeing a fee, personal terms and undergoing a medical with Manchester City officials, the flying right winger is away on international duty with Spain.

Meanwhile, Fernandinho’s move to Manchester City – again despite agreed fees etc. and medicals taking place – could be delayed until next week also. There’s no 'panic on' or last minute hitches; it’s simply, we’re told, that Manuel Pellegrini’s arrival also looks more likely to be next week…with an outside chance of tomorrow (Friday 07.06.2013). And so, of course, it wouldn't seem right to be parading new signings before unveiling a new Manager.

So a – delay? – in our Manager arriving too. Again, we can cope with that.

And as if to, “test”, our patience; it looks like any move for Edison Cavani could also take a few more weeks. Is Mourinho interested in taking him to Stamford Bridge? Is the ‘special one’ interested in taking Edin Dzeko there instead? Do Napoli want Dzeko in part exchange for Cavani?

It’s all part of the rumour bandwagon and transfer merry-go-round I suppose.


The Italian giants have been linked with us for several reasons in the last few days.
  • First of all, and not for the first time, they are said to be interested in taking Aleksandar Kolarov off our hands. Not wishing to overstate this but…GOD I HOPE SO!
  • Then, the cheeky buggers want to sign Carlos Tevez! And with the Argentinean apparently lowering his wage expectations, we’re informed that personal terms have already been agreed.
  • Both of these could lead to no money exchanging hands whatsoever because the THIRD Juve link comes in the form of us being linked with a possible move (again not for the first time) for central midfielder Paul Pogba; with Arsenal the other supposed other interested party.
Kolarov & Tevez for Pogba in a straight swap?

As good as he looks footballing wise, do we really need to move for the alarmingly Balotelli look-alike? Are we not going to have enough midfielders?


I’d say he’s one for the chop. I personally hope so.

Not very mobile as Pellegrini likes; must be a bit nervous…

If he can stay fit, I can see Pellegrini liking him.

Although perhaps not as mobile as Pellegrini likes, he’s surely in.

James Milner
Perhaps not ‘top quality’ but surely has enough – and DOES enough - to please the new Manager.


Has won a reprieve with Mancini going and will probably flourish under Pellegrini.

Probably going on to pastures new but with a new Manager, I suppose you never know…

Jesus Navas
As good as signed.

As good as signed.


And then there’s…

Denzeil Boadu
Alex Henshall
Abdisalam Ibrahim
Vlad Nicolae Marin
Marcos Lopes
Jules Olivier Ntcham
Abdul Razak
Denis Suarez

Okay, so some (or most?) of those aren’t going to feature in the first time next season. Some may never see first team football at Manchester City. But…Pogba as well as that lot?! Surely not…

A quick word on Fernandinho

Okay, I’ll admit it (after all, I wrote about it) I was very sceptical when I first heard that he was linked with us.

“Who?” And…
“Surely that’s a made-up name…and a vicious rumour.” Adding…
“How much?!”

At 28-years old with “only” 5 Brazilian caps to his extended name (okay, Brazil’s national team are perhaps just a LITtle bit difficult to break into I’m sure); I was already looking at him through suspicious eyes.

And - I continued to question in my own head - just how good is the Ukrainian League anyway?

But I have to remind myself that he has put in some excellent performances in the Champions League and I have seen some quotes from apparent Shakhtar Donetsk fans on the Internet; who appear to be absolutely gutted to lose him.

And…YES…I have looked and he does look good on YouTube.

A very mobile, box-to-box midfielder who can sit deep and break up opposition play; but who can also maraud forward and score spectacular, long-distant goals. He has a great, accurate passing range we’re told too! Yaya beware…

Back to matters ‘up front’

If we DO lose Carlos and Edin – and having already (thankfully) lost Mario Balotelli – that would leave us with “just” Sergio Aguero and, presumably / hopefully, Edison Cavani…as well as John Guidetti let’s not forget.

Another new striker anyone? Or are we going for all those midfielders for a specific reason?

Whatever the plans are, I’m patient enough to wait quite comfortably throughout the summer to see what develops. Most of us are I’m sure.

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