Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year’s wishes…

Here’s a quick look at two sets of ‘Top 10s’. The first is what I believe our top-10 wishes should be for the team in 2014 and secondly, a list of top-10 New Year’s resolutions for Manchester City supporters to follow.

2014 City wish list.

1.    Buy a new left back (if not in January then the summer!)

2.    Buy a new left back (if not in January then the summer!) No, I’ve not repeated this one in error… J

3.    If Micah continues to be injury prone, buy new right-back cover/competition for Zabaleta.

4.    Buy an additional, class centre-half (possibly 2) before the start of the 2014/2015 season.

5.    Most top teams run with 4 good strikers. We have Aguero, Negredo and the injury / illness-plagued Jovetic. So with that in mind…if there’s no consistent improvement in Dzeko - and Guidetti is not being given a decent crack by the end of the season - then sell Dzeko, loan Guidetti to a Premier League club for 2014/15 and buy a new, class striker to add to the ranks. Want to replace similar [to Dzeko] with better? Then why not go for Robert Lewandowski? Despite huge competition, I’m sure, for the signature of the almost-out-of-contract Polish hitman, there’s little reason why he wouldn’t join us…other than, perhaps, competition for places putting him off.

6.    For the manager and the team as a whole to learn how to kill-off those so-called lesser teams. Get rid of the silly, self-destruct trait of shooting ourselves in the foot at grounds such as the Britannia Stadium and the Stadium Of Light to name just two. Discover, what Niall Quinn once described in a television interview during his time as a Manchester City player as, “professionalism”. That, dare I say, “X” factor that top teams have of raising their game not just for the big’uns but also those considered ‘should wins’; where we all-too-often slip up.

7.    To win the League Cup in 2014!

8.    To win the league in 2014!

9.    To see the successful opening of the new Academy for the start of the 2014/2015 season.

10. To see the global marketing empire grow further; the fuel that has driven the likes of Liverpool, Manyoo, Arsenal and Chelsea for many, many years.

2014 Manchester City supporter new year’s resolutions.

1.    To remain level headed and not let expectations rise too quickly, too soon. We’ve come a very, VERY long way in a very, VERY short time; let’s not get carried away and become too frustrated when things don’t go to plan.

2.    Similarly, be patient and keep in mind the bigger picture. Bear in mind the status of where our new owners have had to take us from and where they’re trying to take us to as a global brand and future footballing force. Sheikh Mansour and Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak are in this for the long haul; true, long-lasting momentum can take some time to gather pace.

3.    Ignore the cries of the jealous and their ramblings about oil. Our owners are also huge property & area developers and although, of course, they like to ensure that their endeavours are profitable ones; they also pride themselves on the ‘long term’ and ensure that local communities benefit from their projects. Not many football club owners can claim that. Ignore too the claim that this great football club has no history; that's just a naive & cheap insult to thousands of people. 

4.    Most importantly don’t follow the traits of Manyoo fans (I won’t say supporters; most of the ones I know haven’t been going to support their team for years or, indeed, ever). Don’t become arrogant and believe that we have a divine right to win all of the time and be successful in EVERYTHING that we do. Don’t, as they do, believe that we’re the centre of the universe and that all others should bow down before us. If you’re an experienced Blue who has seen the (very) bad times and you witness a new, young City fan displaying any of these traits, then make it your duty to pass on these words. Pride and a desire to see your team do well is one thing; arrogance is best left to those ‘down the road’…

5.    Support Manchester City Football Club where possible. These are hard times for people financially and all financial excuses for not having a season card or attending most Manchester City football match is fully understandable. But if you are within reach of the Etihad Stadium, bare in mind, at least, that some early-round domestic cup games can cost as little as £15 or £20. Even some of the group-stage Champions League games can be reasonably priced – you'd be surprised just how much a 20p jar at home can mount up to…

6.    Again, if you’re within reach of the Etihad, bare in mind that some of the new expansion areas at the ground are going to be ‘economy seats’ in the region of £299+ per season to start off with. These new areas won’t be complete for another 18 months or so why not start of a 50p jar too? And there’s always the option of sharing a season card with someone; £150+ to see half the home league games each season doesn’t sound too bad!

7.    Contrastingly, although I’m all for supporting Manchester City in any way that I can, don’t be ripped off by the now-ridiculous Wembley food & drink prices at the Etihad. If you are indeed struggling to fund attending the occasional match then for your own sake take your own food and drink! You’re there for no more than 3 hours; do yourself a favour and take a pie and/or sandwiches and drinks etc. I’m sure if the Club were pressed on giving an answer then they would like you to spend your money on the admission price rather than being put off from attending altogether because of the refreshment prices once you’re in there.

8.    Not within reach of the Etihad or, indeed, are overseas? If you’ve not done so already then spread the Manchester City word and set up your own supporter's group and/or networks.

9.    Find enjoyment in following Manchester City. Blues fans have always been about taking a light-hearted view of ourselves and our football club during the difficult times...often as a self-defence mechanism I’m sure. But let’s carry on that particularly excellent trait throughout the more fruitful times - often with success comes a dour sense of seriousness; let’s not become like fans of some of the other successful teams of the past.

10. Sing your hearts out for the lads!
Let's all have a happy 2014!


  1. Steve, I welcome your points and comments above, but I've got a confession to make.
    I've haven't been to watch City regularly for a very long time, and, due to economic circumstances, probably won't be able to, but that doesn't stop my support.
    I do see comments on social media that make me wince.
    I can 'ef' and 'jef' with the best, but instead of calling the player(s) s**t or whatever, why not use words such as 'disappointing', or 'poor'?
    Football is starting to price ordinary people out of the game, but it's not a new thing.
    I hate to pour cold water on one comment....Bayern Munich have announced the signing of Lewandowski!

  2. Hi Colin... No need to confess and I totally agree about how football is pricing out the ordinary fan. In the past, paying for a season ticket didn't require much forward thinking but now; in order to be able to afford a season card I have to properly plan and budget every year as hard as I do for other things such as house improvements, bill paying and occasional holidays etc.

    This is also the first season that I have actively made the decision to stay away from the ground pre-match, choosing instead to spend my 'hard earned' at far cheaper venues before games. I tell M.C.F.C. at every opportunity (surveys and e-mails etc.); that their food & drink prices are appalling. But they probably won't listen - as I've said in this piece, I would urged ANY fan to take their own food & drink for the most part but despite the horrendous prices I still see 100s of people near where I sit buying tonnes of WAY over-priced stuff! For the effort it takes to make a sandwich or bottle-up a drink it makes be cringe!

    I would never slate anyone for not being able to AFFORD to follow their team on a regular basis; these are very difficult times indeed and a lot of football clubs don't recognise this nor act on it in any significant way.

    Having said that, City do try where possible. They do have monthly payment plans for season cards and they often sell half-season cards at the turn of the year. They also have ticket 'bundles' for Champions League games; the cost of early-round domestic cup games aren't bad at all, kids prices are still very good indeed in compassion to other Premier League clubs and, as I say, there are new economy-priced seats on the way in the North & South Stands. I just wish they'd employ the same practice with their merchandise etc. That must kill parents who take kids to a match; they must spend more than the admission price on food, drink and what-av-yer in the club shop!

    I've not read that about Lewandowski but I had an idea Bayern would eventually get him. Thanks and, oh well...

    Thanks once again for commenting; it's always very welcome and very much appreciated.