Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Who the ffff…..hell do you support?!

Quick note before the Manchester / Stretford Derby regarding who Manyoo fans are supporting at the moment. Hey? Read on…

 I don’t know why, exactly, I’m thinking this (perhaps just because it’s a funny tune) but it might ‘add to the experience’ to click & play the sound-track above and listen whilst reading this one…

“We only hate…”

If you’re not acutely aware already, Manyoo fans have ‘banged on’ loud and oh-so-VERY-flippin’-long about how they HATE these ‘so-and-sos’ and ‘those lot’ etc. One of those teams (and sets of fans) to have ‘got it in the ear’ in the past include Leeds United and despite their misfortunes and slide-down-the-divisions; you can still hear embittered words of loathing towards them whenever the need or occasion arises.
So having recently listened to a few of them (we all have to endure them from time-to-time; like a child sigh-fully reconciled whilst being lectured by an apparently wiser & older sibling) go on about who they would like to see win the league this season; I just wonder what their true feelings are ahead of tonight’s clash.

On a similar occasion…

I’m taken back many, many years when, ironically, we were about to play Leeds United at home (at Maine Road). Leeds were vying with Manyoo for the title and I recall that if Leeds had beaten us that day, it would have made it very difficult indeed for Manyoo to win the league that year – and even harder to swallow seeing the trophy being lifted high on the other side of the Pennines.
And so before the game – and having little to play for ourselves as the season approached the climax – I recall ‘Blue chatter’ being all about whether we did indeed want to hand a massive favour to Manyoo by beating their closest league rivals. Opinion wasn’t exactly split either; the majority - myself included - couldn’t have cared much at all if we’ve have ‘taken a bullet’ that Saturday afternoon.
But then kick off came. The atmosphere was electric and all talk and thoughts of us ‘rolling over’ were completely banished without anyone uttering another word. We wanted a win! Blue pride took over and we screamed our support for the lads. And do you know what? It worked! We smashed Leeds 4-0…and Manyoo later went on to win the league.
So recent ramblings from a few reds at work have mirrored that occasion. They’ve actually told me that they would HATE for Chelsea to win the Premier League…adding that they HATE Mourinho and his ‘poor style of play’ and CAN’T STAND the thought of John Terry (who they HATE by the way) holding the cup aloft.
Equally they HATE Liverpool and for the same HATRED of Steven Gerrard they don’t want the so-called “bin dippers” to pick up the cup either.

Nice lot aren’t they?
So who, exactly, would they LIKE to see win the league then? None of them have mentioned Arsenal and, surely, even they can see that-that’s not going to happen now. And, crucially, none of them have ever added the words…
“…and so I’d like to see City win the League”. J
So I ask again…WHO, exactly, do they HATE the least and who, therefore, would they "like" to see win the league out of the 3 of us?
Well a lot might get answered AFTER tonight’s match is out of the way because, I’m sure, quietly some of them might be hoping that we go on to win the league but not, of course, by taking (another) 3-points off their own, beloved team.
What a quandary for them hey? Shame. It’s a flippin' good job it’s not a 4-horse-race with Leeds ‘in there’ too, isn’t it?

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