Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Utterly abhorrent!

If I could think of a stronger word to describe the…“tactics” of our manager, the players’ performances and the majority of their attitudes this evening then I would use it.

Analysis……for what it’s now worth

Hart: Produced the worst kick-out early in the first half I’ve ever seen. Why? Because he was displaying the same, appalling, apathetic attitude the majority of the “team” were displaying for the majority of the game. 3/10

The whole defence had an appalling first half but…

Kolarov: Did little wrong, did little right. 5/10

Demichelis: Worked very hard and tried his hardest – his hardest is barely acceptable for the most part though. 5.5/10

Kompany: Clearly off-colour but did what he could all things considered. 5/10

Zabaleta: Not having adequate cover is finally taking it’s toll on our ‘rock’. Tried like crazy but he’s in need of a BIG vacation [and not a hard World Cup campaign]. 5.5/10

Fernandinho: Scored…but he’s a rapidly-fading force for some reason. Brazil? Huh, I don’t think so... 5/10

Garcia: If this slow, useless guy EVER plays for City again I will be amazed...and disgusted! 2/10

Nasri: He gets a few points for running around and trying and he can’t be at fault for the HUGE tactical errors of his manager. With Fernandinho, for some reason, being pushed SO far forward; Samir was forced to track-back and ‘fill in’ wherever he could; left, right and centre ‘mid’! He was, though, for the most part, completely ineffective as a result. 4.5/10

Milner: Played completely out of his better position [of centre midfield] but tried his hardest. 4.5/10

Negredo: Tried and produced some decent touches at times. But where has ‘the fire’ gone? 3/10

Aguero: Similar to Alvaro. 3.5/10


Dzeko: Seriously…is this guy getting a new contract? Still…STILL can’t trap a ball! 1.5/10

Jovetic: For the time he was on the pitch, I’d have to say that he was about one of the better players. 6/10

Rodwell: Whatever… ?/10

Manuel Pellegrini: I’ve no idea what he was thinking. ‘The worker’, James Milner, put out on the wing and an utterly appalling Garcia helping Sunderland to dictate the midfield? Our…”Engineer” didn’t change ANYTHING until it was way, WAY too late and on Wednesday 16th April 2014 Manuel Pellegrini flushed any chance of us winning the league this season right down the toilet. 0/10

Crowd: Appallingly quiet. The guys behind me were actually discussing their summer holiday plans for large parts of the game! 0.5/10

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