Friday, 30 May 2014

It’s all a bit, well…irritating at the moment

The actual transfer window doesn’t even open until tomorrow (1st June) and with that being a Sunday, it’ll be more like 2nd June when deals can be done. But already I’m getting tired of player / agent shenanigans…as well as the word “respect”.



Utterly bored of this one. First it was (before the season ended) no-one dishing out the rewards (at the FA and in UEFA) is recognising me. Okay, I get that one; I think he was treated a little harshly, especially on the domestic front.
But JEEZE has Mr Toure took this one to another level or three.
No-one in their right mind could possibly say that Manchester City Football Club (their fans included) have not shown Yaya love and respect (God! There’s that word already). £220,000 per week before bonuses aside, he gets his name sung from the terraces most games; songs sung about him outside the footballing arena, always gets one of the biggest cheers as the team sheet is being read out, has his name and face plastered everywhere around the Etihad and gets internal awards/recognition from the club on monthly & annual occasions. Oh…and he DID get a flippin’ cake!
I did say “right mind” though and, if you recall, he was getting very tetchy and downright angry on the pitch towards the end of the season…
Now’s it’s PSG; no it isn’t, yes it is, no it isn’t. Just SHUT IT Yaya (and Dimitry)!
For your OWN sake if not ours, you’ve just won the flippin’ Premier League (and League Cup) and are about to take part in your country’s World Cup campaign – cheer up! Numpty.


What was all the flippin’ (not-so) secrecy about? I’m leaving, then again I might not be. I am…but then I’m still an Arsenal player…for now. Then Manyoo try to ‘steal a march’ and muscle in. I’m still here…but now I’m definitely going.
Silly me…of course! Perhaps he was trying one, last-ditch attempt to get Arsenal to ‘up’ the offer [of another contract]? Perhaps he was trying to panic us into giving him more wages; with the Manyoo-suggested gazump?
Better not say too much more; I’ll be in danger of not showing enough “R” word…


I’ve said before that I like the look of this fella ON the pitch; on YouTube (groan). But off it? I’ve never even heard the bloke speak and already he’s annoying the hell out of me!
I’m actually starting to think that I wouldn’t touch this chap with a 10-foot one and with Mangala apparently preferring the ‘bright lights of London’ to the ‘oil burners and gas-street-lamps of Manchester’; perhaps we should start to look elsewhere to reinforce our central defence for next summer.
The Moroccan has been properly shouting his mouth off; slagging off Roma for, get this if you’ve not heard, not keeping to their promise of improving his contract…at the end of his first of a 5-year deal that he only signed 12 months ago!
He then goes on to use that same word - the word which gets used WAY too often by people who don’t understand the true meaning of it - by suggesting that Roma haven’t shown him, “respect”. The irony of his words irritates the hell out of me!
According to press sources Chelsea have apparently now, somehow, put some kind of “block” on any possible transfer of the ‘disrespected one’ to Manchester City.
“Indeed ‘the Force’ is strong in Abramovich & Mourinho”.
I wasn’t aware their “power” included being able to “block” players from leaving OTHER football clubs!
“Impressive is this...”


Then, according to the M.E.N., City sources suggest that we are after a goalie, a right-back, a central defender and a defensive midfielder only. I could – and perhaps should - take this with a pinch of salt, of course. But regular readers might not be completely surprised when I whisperwhat about a ruddy left back?! What about that young player from Sevilla, Alberto Moreno Perez? We were strongly linked with the Spaniard in January; latest reports are now linking him with a move to Liverpool


I was a bit irked too when I read that we are definitely in the market for a defensive midfielder – and definitely Fernando from Porto – but that Javi Garcia is definitely staying at the Club. As for the latter “definitely”…surely not. Garcia, Fernandinho AND Fernando all fighting for one position? No wonder James Milner wants to leave…

Other bits…

Alex Kolarov is going to Roma. Oh no, he’s staying at Manchester City. Then he’s going to Monaco…and now he’s staying at City again.
Alvaro Negredo is going to Atletico Madrid; Sergio Aguero is going to neighbours Real Madridbut only if they hand over £85M.
Dzeko had decided that he’d like a move to Italy.
Angel Di Maria is wanted by City…but now he’s going to Arsenal.
John Guidetti is wanted by Bolton on a season-long loan.
The Mangala thing has gone all quiet again…but then again David Villa will be training with us until February (what?!) after signing for one of our partner Clubs, New York City FC.
Dedryck Boyata has signed a new, 2-year deal. I can’t help thinking that’s just a ‘home-grown’ decision really. Whatever your reasons, City, just don’t play him at right-back, hey?

Me? Green’?

I’m not naïve, of course; I fully expected all this dizzy transfer talk and utter babble right from the end of last season all the way through to the end of the transfer window.
It’s the…”respect” thing and the ‘gobbing off’ of certain individuals - that we could ALL do with a lot less of - that bugs the hell out of me. I suppose that’s where agents get their (bad) reputation from and why footballers should do their talking with their feet, on the pitch.
Use the ‘head area’ for heading balls only, hey chaps?
Not wanting to wish my life away; but already I’m thinking, ‘roll-on 1st September…’

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