Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Due to family-emergency-commitments it's unlikely that there'll be a post-Newcastle United Blog-posting (time is ticking along / not much point) and it's highly likely that there'll be no pre-Liverpool game posting either.

Sorry to regular readers and all for this interruption of service. Will be back as soon as possible.


  1. Sorry to hear this, Steve, and hope everything is OK with you in due course.
    I saw an earlier post about watching TV/Radio Manchester commentary combo, and thought I'd share this with you....


    Hope this is of use.

    1. Realised you may need to copy, paste, and open a new window to see the above.
      I should have added that it was a cracking win on Sunday, with more of the same on Bank Holiday Monday, please!

    2. Hi Colin is...

      Nice to hear from you again. Thanks. Yeah, difficult time at the moment. Hope to get through it soon and starting posting again.

      Thanks for the link! Excellent – I’ll include that in a Blog-posting soon. Can’t believe there’s technology for something like that (rather than physically pausing and counting as I do). Good to see that I wasn’t far off with the 7 seconds! 8- )