Wednesday, 13 August 2014

It’s almost upon us!

If you’re a fan of a team in the English Premier League then this is, indeed, an exciting time. I personally like to ‘switch off’ as much as possible during ‘close season’; something that’s not always possible in a World Cup or Euros year.

But as England waved goodbye to Brazil so very early and in fine, predictable style, I do now feel fully refreshed and raring to go.

However, as much as I’m looking forward to all things City (and domestic footy in general) there are, inevitably, things that are gonna get right up my nose in the season ahead. Here, then, a quick look at both the exciting and annoying things that lie ahead…

Things to look forward to 2014/2015

Seeing an even-more solid-looking City team following the introduction of an additional, class goalkeeper; a well-sort-after central defender, a top right-back, a very good, coveted defensive midfielder and, in general, just far better quality and more competition for defensive places. We now have a squad that could easily field two VERY good teams!

Similarly, seeing an even BETTER Pablo Zabaleta this season…now with added ‘can have a (deserved) rest from time to time’.

A stronger push in the Champions League. With the improved squad, better ranking and added experience in this competition we SHOULD be able to push on a little better than last season very creditable effort. We’re still a little way off the likes of Barca, Bayern and Real but we’re getting there…

Seeing a fully fit and raring-to-go Stevan Jovetic. The “new signing”…

Seeing the completion of the Academy site.

Seeing us lift another trophy this season. Not sure which one but I’m confident again of some silverware in 2014/15.

The atmosphere at home to Leicester City. The last time we met at the Etihad in one of the cups their fans were terrific! I just hope we can raise our game from the stands not just for that game but in general...

Seeing how the likes of Leicester and Burnley cope in the Premier League. I personally hope they both survive. As for QPR, I hope they go crashing right back down (after taking points from Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manyoo of course).

Watching Butt Head, Slapped Arse and Whinger take pot-shots at each other while ‘The Engineer’ sits back cool as a cucumber.

Things NOT to look forward to 2014/2015

Hoping we don’t regret our decision not to bring in a quality left-back. Clichy LOOKS to be back in for – with a good pre-season – and so here’s hoping…

"He's a good boy; he's a good-good boy..."
Slimy 'arry Redknapp in the Premier League; twitching his way through far too many irritating, sound-bite interviews.

"Everyone listen to me!"
Joey Barton hacking his way through everyone’s midfield…and his ‘everyone look at me’, endless, ENDLESS opinions and comments.

Manyoo being far better than they were last season.

Manyoo fans getting far, FAR too annoyingly excited after a year or more of being thoroughly miserable. It was nice while it lasted.

It’s already started around me; everything from chest-thumping, overly-aggressive, anti-City rants to getting WAY too excited about apparently revitalised, very-average Manyoo players having a decent pre-season on their US tour. Huhhhhh...really?

Harry Redknapp (again).

Hearing and seeing the words “King Louis” over and over and over and over again.

Having to, probably, listen to the away fans sing “Happy Birthday” (or something similar) to Yaya Toure at every, single home game.

Having to listen to Van Gaal speak. His robot-version impression of Sean Connery is already starting to irritate me a little.

Joey Barton (again).

Regretting my decision to drop out of, for the first ever time, the League & F.A. Cup schemes. Something had to give ‘cash wise’ and I’ve chosen to follow a cup that we’ve not yet won. But it will be difficult sitting at home knowing there’s a home game being played just down the road…

Putting TOO much effort and emphasis on the Champions League; so much so that it badly damages our Premier League defence.

Seeing both Sergio Aguero and Vincent Kompany almost inevitably ‘pull up’ in pain from time to time.

Seeing our lads playing in a Coventry City-style home kit.

Arsenal / Manyoo
Seeing our lads playing in an Arsenal / Manyoo-style away kit.

Ball boy
If it turns out to be true; seeing our lads playing in a 3rd kit that makes them look like Wimbledon ball boys.

Yaba-yaba-yaba - more coffee please - yaba-yaba...
(Drum roll please…)

He barely said a word for YEARS but now…you just can’t shut him up! Paul Scholesdulcet tones will be “gracing” BT Sport this season…as well as him being a columnist for The Independent. Wonderful – another one to swell the ranks of the already jam-packed contingent of either Trafford or Merseyside reds; giving us their ‘wise words’ on Radio, TV or in the newspaper whether we want them or not. When not at the game it’s gonna be another season of watching the TV with the sound turned down whilst listing to Radio Manchester. Don’t forget to pause your radio for that 7-second, DAB time-lag if you want to do the same and ‘synchronise’ during the 90 minutes…

Whatever the joys and irritations of the season ahead, I’m sure it’ll be a good one over all.

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